College writing reflective essay

college writing reflective essay

These three purposes mean that the reflective essay is perhaps the most important single component of your portfolio. Furthermore, the reflective essay provides you an opportunity to take stock of wruting own writing and draw your own conclusions about its strengths and weaknesses, rather essay about your writing process relying on the assessments college writing reflective essay your professors.

Thus, the amount of time and effort you put into your reflective essay will often determine whether you find the portfolio process college writing reflective essay be a valuable experience or just another hurdle on the way to graduation.

The questions below should serve as a guide for your reflective essay. You do not have relective address the questions in any particular order, nor do colege have to give them all equal time and attention though you should try to address them all in some way.

college writing reflective essay

Furthermore, if any of the questions simply do not apply to your experience, feel free to skip them or reframe them. In the end, your reflective essay as a whole should read as just that—a single essay with a clear college writing reflective essay of ideas throughout, not essqy series of short responses to each of the questions below.

college writing reflective essay

The primary goal here is to provide your readers with useful context for your writing, not to answer these particular questions in this feflective order. Your reflective essay should also explain how each of the essays you selected from your Carleton classes college writing reflective essay into the overall narrative of your development as a writer.

Length and Format

You can address this over the course of the essay, as part of the overall narrative or argument, or you can include a series of paragraphs at the end college writing reflective essay the essay that addresses each piece in turn. Either way, college writing reflective essay questions you might address here are:. You should write at least a sentence or two about each essay in the portfolio, writingg you can certainly write more if you have more to say about a given esasy.

Regardless of how much college writing reflective essay write about each essay, though, it is extremely important that you address what each piece brings to the portfolio, because this allows your readers understand what you want them to see when they review your work. Anything less than words and you are unlikely to address the key ideas in enough depth to engage your readers.

Regardless of length, your reflective essay should be double-spaced and spongebob episode about essay writing in an easily readable point font.

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Here’s How You Can Submit a Well-Written Reflective Essay for University

Campus Directory A-Z Guide. Overview The reflective essay serves two key purposes in your portfolio: First, it gives your reviewers some insight into your development as a writer and the role reflecgive has played in your Carleton education.

Second, it allows you to tell your readers about each individual essay in the portfolio—where college writing reflective essay how college writing reflective essay cane to write it, why you included it, what it reveals about you as a writer, etc.

college writing reflective essay

Third, and perhaps most importantly, writing the reflective essay allows you, the writer, to stop and consider college writing reflective essay you have gained from your varied writing experiences at Carleton and how you intend to develop your skills going forward. The Prompt The questions below should serve as a guide for your reflective essay.

Academic Skills

Questions: What personal skills, experiences, and strengths did you bring to Carleton with you, and how did they benefit you in the writing assignments you completed over the past two years? Note: these need not be specifically writing skills, just skills that helped you as a writer.

For college writing reflective essay, you may have found that your time management skills were a significant asset as you began to tackle college-level writing assignments. What challenges if any did you face in meeting the expectations for writing in your Carleton classes? How did you meet these challenges?]