Essay writing williams college

essay writing williams college

College Essays. Williams is among the most selective colleges in the country.

essay writing williams college

However, there is the option to submit a short academic paper pages. On their websiteWilliams states, " Williams does not require a writing supplement. However, students who are interested in submitting an essay writing williams college of their written work have the option of sharing an academic paper completed within the last year, ideally pages in length.

The paper does not need to be graded, and can essay writing about school holiday creative or analytical. Please do not submit lab reports. If submitting this optional paper, please include a description of the assignment or prompt. Essay writing williams college this supplement is optional, you can choose whether or not you want to submit something for it.

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If you choose not to, it won't essay writing about chocolate affect your application. If wwriting do decide to submit a paper, don't write something new just for this prompt. Choose a school paper you think is a great example of your writing skills, and submit that.

You may want to choose a paper that relates to the subject you want to essay writing williams college in at Williams, but that isn't required.

essay writing williams college

Remember to include a description of the assignment, as Williams requests. There are four different questions on the Williams writing supplement. You essay writing williams college to respond to one of them as part of your application.

At Williams we believe that bringing together students and professors in small groups produces extraordinary academic outcomes.

Our distinctive Oxford-style tutorial classes—in which two students are guided by a professor in deep exploration of a single topic—are a prime example. Focused on close reading, writing and oral defense of ideas, more than 60 pre-determined tutorials are essay writing williams college across the curriculum each year. Imagine yourself in a tutorial at Williams. What topic would essay writing activities college be most excited to study in that setting and why?

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The First-year Entry — a thoughtfully constructed residential microcosm of the student community that's a defining part essay writing williams college the Williams experience — brings together students from around the world essay writing williams college collwge perspectives, interests and backgrounds.

Imagine having a late-night conversation with your Entrymates about a community that you value. Wipliams that community and why it's important to you. All-Campus Entertainment ACEa student organization that hosts colleye weekly event called "Stressbusters" — an opportunity for students to focus on self-care by stepping cna writing tips essay from their typical routine and enjoying some unscheduled time — and snacks!

Weekly Stressbuster activities might include a concert, playing with a therapy dog, painting pumpkins, building with Legos, etc.

What's your version of a "stressbuster," and how does it help you rejuvenate in the midst of a hectic week? I would like to upload my own essay from a humanities or social science course and ideally pages in length. Each question has the same instructions: respond to the prompt in words or fewer. Writing the Williams writing supplement is optional, so ariting can choose whether you want to answer a question or not.

So should you write an essay? Or skip it altogether?]