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Gilli is a Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University, where she majored in Anthropology, earning departmental honors for her senior thesis. Gilli worked in the Barnard Office of Admissions for three expert college essay writing, granting her an inside look at college admissions.

A professional writer, she has been working as a college essay coach and application specialist for 10 consecutive seasons and enjoys guiding students through both the creative writing and logistical portions of the application process. In addition to working one-on-one with students, Gilli has led college essay writing workshops throughout Los Angeles and imaginative essay writing topics to expand her coaching abilities by participating in regular trainings under the expert college essay writing of Alexandra Dumas Rhodes.

expert college essay writing

She enjoys helping students find their voices and develop a passion for writing to serve them not only in their college essays but also in their future writing endeavors.

In addition to guiding undergraduate applicants, Expert college essay writing also has extensive experience working with law school, medical school, writiny graduate school applicants.

expert college essay writing

Gilli is currently the Director of Operations expert college essay writing Rhodes Educational.

An experienced educator with an Edsay in creative writing, Ross understands that every student writes differently. He is skilled at helping his students elevate their writing to compelling and original personal narratives that express who they are in their own words. He particularly enjoys working with creative and artistic students.

expert college essay writing

Ross also helps students with borderline grades not only gain admittance to a four-year college but also have options to wrjting from. Whatever kind of student your child is, Ross is excited to help them meet their goals!


She loves expert college essay writing chinese essay writing samples students to uncover the stories deep within them and help them discover their own unique voice — especially when that voice lands them an early decision acceptance! Kala is a highly accomplished expert college essay writing specialist with Rhodes Educational whose students have been accepted to colleges such as Barnard, Duke, Tulane, UW, and the UCs.

Chana offers students the creative consulting, technical skills, and direction needed in order to obtain admission to Art programs. She has also consulted on incoming fine art portfolios and applications. As a filmmaker and producer, she has extensive experience on set producing her own work, as well as in production company offices, evaluating scripts and stories for large studios and production companies.

Rachel has produced several short films and a feature documentary.

expert college essay writing

As a result of her work experience in theater, film, documentaries, and reality television, Rachel knows how to find and evaluate a good story or script - and how to tell it. Rachel is happy to be working with film applicants to define their expert college essay writing school portfolios.]