My college days essay writing

The College life is very happy and unforgettable experience in the lives of many students.

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There are huge benefits of college life apart from getting education. No body forgets the first year memorable college life experience.

my college days essay writing

The college mh is quite important. It teaches you the tough skills of life; discipline, friendship, sincerity, dedication, struggles, experiences, joy and commitment.

The college is sweet and wonderful indeed.

my college days essay writing

It is totally different from school life. It is a mixture of happiness, enjoyment, hard work and struggle.

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However, its duration is short as compared to school life. At school, we spend half of the academic year while at college, we spend only two years. Many students imagine what college might be like.

my college days essay writing

However, they realize the reality of college life once they enter college. They realize that life is not as easy as they thought.

No one tells what to do. They must learn to adapt to their surroundings to adjust there.]