Typing essays on an ipad

The iPad is a great tool for writers.

typing essays on an ipad

For many professional and part-time writers it is a better option than a laptop. Writing is an undemanding application for a computer or a tablet.

Why is the iPad a great writing tool?

That said, you need enough computing power for the screen to keep up with fast typing and to display crisp, readable text. Every iPad meets that standard including ipqd iPad mini.

typing essays on an ipad

Indeed, every iPad from the last five years will do the job and do it in style. It has far more power than I need to put down words, in my case I use the extra grunt other applications.

Other Apps

Apple could have designed the iPad with essayd like me in mind. They are more portable than even the slimmest, lightest laptop. Their batteries tend to last hours longer than most laptops. And they do a good job of hiding complexity.

Using the Notes and Pages Apps

Sure this is true of a good laptop, but it is more so with the iPad. When Apple launched the first iPad it pitched the tablet as a media consumption device. It tuping clear early on that it could do more.

typing essays on an ipad

This is why the iPad is the closest modern equivalent to a portable typewriter. The smallest is the iPad mini, with a 7. At the other end of the scale the It has more than twice as much screen.]

typing essays on an ipad