Writing college essay about sports

Ah, soccer essays. The subject of much debate in the world of college admissions.

writing college essay about sports

Well, with over a decade of experience in this field, AdmissionSight can confidently say that this is a heated topic. Instead of even bothering with the issue and running the risk of turning in a below-average essay, these people recommend applicants to avoid the topic altogether.

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On the other side of the fence, there are some people who — while still admitting that the topic is often trite — say that it can be done properly. Is a college essay about soccer or any other sport doomed to fail?

writing college essay about sports

Or is there a potential that this essay can work in your favor when applying to a prestigious school? They both acknowledge the potential for a sports-related topic to come across as banal.

What’s Covered:

This latter approach is where we find ourselves. For the right students, a college essay about soccer can be an excellent topic with a strong impact.

writing college essay about sports

There are likely thousands or even tens of thousands of students applying to the same university as you who have had similar essayy on the soccer field. You can ask yourself:. As an incredibly common topic, sports essays are generally recommended against. What do we mean?

Now, this setup can either work in your favor or against you. If your college essay about soccer ends up being what was expected, your application is going to suffer a major blow. Surprise is always a good reaction to have on your essay. And maybe the sriting, third, and fourth.

Make sure to write them down as you can always come back to them. Another great rule of typing essay clipart to use when writing a college essay about soccer is sporrts determine if another applicant could put their name at the top of your piece. Would anything change? Writing college essay about sports there anything within your piece that makes it undeniably unique to you?

Or is it so general writing college essay about sports anyone could pass it off as their own without anyone knowing?

writing college essay about sports

This is collegf a litmus test for the uniqueness of your essay. Ideally, your topic is so personal and one-of-a-kind that you are the only applicant who could possibly write it. This ensures your story will successfully stand out amongst the crowd of applicants and increase your chances of getting noticed.

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What happens on the soccer field during a game is more or less the same every time. Although each game takes on a literary essay writing tips of its own, there are only a few variables that can change in order to create a different outcome than writing college essay about sports rest. Well, since the experiences players have on the field are more eseay less limited, this is difficult territory for finding a unique angle on a college essay about soccer.]