Writing you college essay

How do you write a great college essay that makes colleges notice you?

writing you college essay

Use these five keys to spice up your college essays. Admissions counselors receive application after application, and they want to know if you will fit in well at their school.

writing you college essay

To do this, they look to college application essays to discover your interests, values, habits, passions and writing you college essay about life. Writing an essay that truly reflects you is an important step in the college admissions process and will help match you with your best-fit college —and win scholarships.

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Make sure the topic that you choose for your application essay is one that you are passionate about, one that matters deeply to you.

Once you decide what important event, moment, or collsge in your life to write about, a draft should flow out of you fairly instinctively. Write out your first draft instinctively and then go back, proofread, and writing you college essay necessary edits to keep your essay concise.

writing you college essay

Details, details, details. The best way to do that is by adding details that bring the story to life.

Why College Admissions Boards Want College Application Essays

Put the admissions department in your shoes and use details to make it an qriting they will remember. I was a chubby two-hundred-and-thirty pounds and slower than the corn borer beetles that plague local farmers, but I wanted to be a football player. Do what you can to make your college writing essay format feel it with you.

On writing you college essay first hot day, those strangers and I began to run plays they had learned at summer camp. Tears fell beneath my helmet as I realized writing you college essay I was unaware of basic football terms and impossibly overweight. Choose a narrow subject that you know well and succinctly write about it. Keep it simple and remember that less is more. A little levity goes a long way.

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These admission folks read about 20 to 25 applications daily, 12 to 15 hours a day, so add a bit of humor to your application essay to help them smile. Just be your humble, human self, and you should get some smiles. A word of caution: humor at the expense of someone else can be writing you college essay