Essay writing on computer pdf

Write a short Essay on Computer Technology,words in english, Importance, Advantages and Disadvantages. It is the age of science.

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Science has given us many important things by which our lives become comfortable. The computer is one of them. A computer is an electronic machine which works very fast. It can perform substantial computation including numerous arithmetic and logic operations.

Today a computer is used in every field.

Essay on Computer PDF

Nowadays computer is a common thing. It is used in offices, in factories, and in space technology. It can calculate very fast. The physical components of the computer, are known as Hardware. A set programme that we run on the computer is called a Software.

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We put the data, called input. The input changes into information in the computer. Then the computer does processing and gives out the result called output.

essay writing on computer pdf

Nowadays the telephone bills and electricity essay writing on computer pdf that we get are all prepared though the computer. There are many primitives used in the logo. The primitives pvf the orders that were given to the computer. The Indian Computer industry is growing at a whopping pace.

essay writing on computer pdf

It is good if everybody knows how to work on a computer. Nowadays computers are used everywhere. All of the Government departments are computerized.

essay writing on computer pdf

Banking becomes easy by the invention of the computer. So, the computer is a very important thing for the world.

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There is nothing without a computer. Let us use it for human welfare. Your email address will not be published.

essay writing on computer pdf

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