Ielts writing essay topics pdf

IELTS writing topics are extensive, and consistently finding answers for them takes practice.

ielts writing essay topics pdf

Below I share how I produce an essay, including thinking of ideasbuilding paragraphs and planning. IELTS essay topics and answers: education. IELTS wriiting topics and answer: globalisation. IELTS essay topics and answer: travel and transport. IELTS essay topics and answer: employment.

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IELTS essay topics and answer: employment skills. IELTS essay topics ieltd answer: gender issues. IELTS topic and answer: education. IELTS topic: gender issues career. IELTS essay topics and answer: technology.

ielts writing essay topics pdf

IELTS essay topic and answer: health. IELTS essay topics and answer: society.

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Quick presentation on the topics and answers. Click the topic to get a sample essay, vocabulary list, and a Ted Talk video to help learn the writint in context.

ielts writing essay topics pdf

Others think that robots have negative effects on society. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Ideas: Definitely important, true, big advances, productivity, intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

Can have negative effects — Unemployment — automation — loss of jobs — safe nets need to be in place — welfare system etc Even death of citizens — Tesla ielts writing essay topics pdf autonomous driving —. Conc: there are too many advantages to ignore, we cannot forego these advances however more precaution and govt.

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Legislation could be wise. Some people think that new houses should be built in the same style as older houses in the local area. Others disagree and say that local authorities should allow people to build houses in the styles of their own kelts.

ielts writing essay topics pdf

Yes, should be in the same style, keeps property values higher, uniformity, conformity, and cohesion —. EG certain villages in prosperous parts of England such as Cheshire, The Cotswolds, and Howarth have extreme rules because the areas have immense cultural heritage.

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Innovates an area, introduces new flavours, styles and ideas into stale and old areas. Your writing a essay pdf can reflect your personality. You can make it more environmentally friendly. You can install technical innovations.

Conc: both are viable and fair, the caveat is that the law should be clear from the beginning and be permanent — changing it would be extremely unfair.

Some people spend a lot of money attending cultural or sports events. Is it a good or a bad thing? Give ielts writing essay topics pdf opinion and examples from your own experience. Definitely ielts writing essay topics pdf good development, gives something for people to aspire to.

It also most likely begets higher revenues for the performers and promoterswhich should ultimately lead to a even more events.]