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What Is a Long Essay?

The long essay writing pdf lnog text quality is a transdisciplinary issue concerning the research areas of educational assessment, language technology, and classroom instruction.

Text length has been found to strongly influence human judgment of text quality. The question of whether text length is a construct-relevant aspect of writing competence or a source of judgment bias has been discussed controversially.

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This paper used both a correlational and an experimental approach to investigate this question. Secondary analyses were performed on a large-scale dataset with highly trained raters, showing an effect of text length beyond language proficiency.

Why Would You Be Required to Write a Long Essay?

Furthermore, an experimental study found that pre-service teachers wgiting to undervalue text length when compared to professional ratings. The findings are discussed with respect to the role of training and context in writing assessment. The relationship between such superficial aspects of written responses and the assessment of text quality has long essay writing pdf a controversial issue in different areas of educational research.

long essay writing pdf

Both in the area of educational measurement and of language technology, text length has been shown to strongly influence text ratings by trained human raters as well long essay writing pdf computer algorithms used to score texts automatically Chodorow and Burstein, ; Powers, ; Kobrin et al. The objective of this lont is to investigate to what degree text length long essay writing pdf a construct-relevant aspect wrkting writing competence, or to what extent it erroneously influences judgments.

It thereby incorporates the measurement perspective with the classroom perspective.


In the past, language assessment research has been conducted within different disciplines that rarely acknowledged each other. While some long essay writing pdf issues are relevant for standardized testing in large-scale contexts only, others pertain to research on teaching and classroom instruction as well.

Even though their assessments may serve different functions e.

long essay writing pdf

Thus, combining these different disciplinary angles and looking at essay writing sample questions issue of text length from long essay writing pdf transdisciplinary perspective can be an advantage for all the disciplines involved.

Writing assessment is about identifying and evaluating features of a written response that indicate writing long essay writing pdf. Overall, previous research has demonstrated clear and consistent associations between linguistic features on the one hand, and writing quality and development on the other.

In a recent literature review, Crossley showed that higher rated essays typically include more sophisticated lexical items, more complex syntactic features, and greater cohesion.

Developing writers also show movements toward using more sophisticated words and more complex syntactic structures.]

long essay writing pdf