2018 essay writing contests

2018 essay writing contests

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2018 essay writing contests

Below are tables listing various essay contests and other non-fiction writing competitions, prizes and awards. Some are academic, some offer scholarships and others are just for fun.

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If you run an essay competition or non-fiction writing contest and would like me to add it to the lists below, please contact me providing the following information in 2018 essay writing contests body of an email:. I 2018 essay writing contests my best to keep this page up-to-date, but if you spot any errors, incorrect information or links that no longer work, please get in touch and let me know. I try and fix any problems quickly Some of the contests and scholarships that used to be listed on this page were run by essay writing service providers.

The more I found out about these types of business, the more I felt that they're not ethical. While some of them do offer large cash prizes, so can be of benefit to writers, I wasn't comforable promoting these brands or being associated with them. Due to my reservations about this business niche, essay writing service providers that offer a non-fiction writing opportunity were removed from the lists in my January update.

You essay writing about reading books find them in the history section of the pagewith a note that says, ' Essay writing service provider — unethical, so removed from lists '. In I started to receive a lot of requests for listings by affiliate websites that have little or nothing to do with writing. They often offer scholarships with decent cash prizes, but were run by websites that promoted vacuum cleaners, or baby products etc.

My audience are writers, so I want to keep this page on topic and relevant to them. Therefore I am no longer accepting listing requests from websites that are not about writing. Do you run an essay competition or non-fiction writing contest? Examples for sat essay writing you want it featured 2018 essay writing contests the top of this page? If so, get in touch.

This 2018 essay writing contests lists non-fiction competitions that are run regularly; weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually etc. This table contains details of renowned contests, often offering large amounts of prize money. This table lists contests that are run on a yearly basis. There are very few current memoir competitions. If you know of any, please let me know.

Here you will find details of other online resources that provide lists of non-fiction and essay competitions. Notes on Plozee 2018 essay writing contests Any style or theme - Plozee is a user-generated content 2018 essay writing contests, all submissions will be published immediately on the page each contestant has posted their writing - CLOSED, was a one-off.

This page may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy. 2018 essay writing contests use the form below to leave your comments.

2018 essay writing contests comments will be reviewed so won't appear on the page instantly. I will not share your details with anyone else. Cathy M I am semi retired and thinking about taking up writing.

I am in the process of putting together my biographical memoirs about a woman growing up during the 20th century in America.

Memoir Writing Masterclass

I have had a fairly interesting life being born in Southern California just after World War II and wondered if you could 2018 essay writing contests me to whomever might be interested in reviewing it. Chris Fielden Cathy, you could try some memoir writing competitions. I know Fish Publishing and Writers Digest accept memoir entries and are well renowned.

You could also try the Creative Nonfiction website as they accept all sorts of nonfiction submissions.]

2018 essay writing contests