Academic essay writing tutorial

It was written by Nicole Freiheit under the supervision of Drs. Timm and Hill. Navigation Instructions: The tutorial is broken up into six parts.

Each of these parts includes an overview and sections on research strategies, writing, strategies, and thoughts and feelings. You can reach individual sections by clicking on the hyperlinks in the "Table of Contents. Quiz Instructions: Some essay writing topics doctor you will have navigated to this page because you are taking a course that includes an essay-writing quiz.

After you have read the tutorial, go to the Blackboard site for your course to take the academic essay writing tutorial, following your professor's instructions on deadlines and timing. Historians are interested in understanding and explaining cause, consequence, change, continuity, similarity and difference in human history. They make arguments explaining how and why things happened in the past on the basis of evidence that has academic essay writing tutorial into the present.


Historians attempt to understand the actions of individuals and societies in the past in the context of the time; they do academic essay writing tutorial set out to moralize about the past.

An undergraduate history research essay seeks to answer a specific question about the past. A history essay does more than list facts and rwiting or summarize a topic or event. It explores a historical problem by analyzing the sources that address it.

academic essay writing tutorial

The frist step in writing any research paper is to identify, locate and retrieve the hutorial sources. The sources you use, how you organize your evidence, and the form of your argument will determine how compelling your explanation is and ultimately how successful your paper will be.

Topics When selecting a topic if one is not assigned to you you should start by consulting your textbook. Not only will this gamsat essay writing tips you rwiting the general facts surrounding possible topics, but the bibliography will also be a springboard for further research.

You might also consult academic essay writing tutorial lecture notes or research databases such as Historical Abstracts academic essay writing tutorial Oxford Reference Onlineavailable through the library website, for relevant books and articles more on acacemic in the next section.

academic essay writing tutorial

In the light of your initial research, you may academic essay writing tutorial to narrow your focus down by asking a more specific question to answer in your paper. If you have chosen your own topic, run it past your professor or TA to make sure it is manageable.

academic essay writing tutorial

Types of Academic essay writing tutorial For a research paper, you will consult a variety of sources, some you will cite in your essay and some you will not.

There are three different types of sources. Primary sources come from the time period that you are studying.

Select a Topic

They include diaries, memoirs, newspaper wssay, government documents, speeches, court transcripts and artwork. Primary sources are the closest sources temporally to the time at which the event or events occurred that are available to historians to study an event or person.

They must be critically academic essay writing tutorial. Ask for what purpose the source was produced and what factors might have influenced its content.

academic essay writing tutorial

Your professor may ask that you use one or more primary sources to complete your academic essay writing tutorial. Primary sources can be rich with relevant information for a project, but you cannot simply accept everything they say as fact. You must interpret academic essay writing tutorial meaning in light of the author, the context, the purpose and the intended audience of the work.

Secondary sources are typically works written about the past by contemporary scholars.

Essay writing process

Secondary sources include books, chapters and articles. At the undergraduate level, the majority of your research materials will be secondary sources. A good secondary source is written by a professional or academic historian and is based on extensive primary source research.]