Act essay writing outline

The ACT Writing test is a minute essay that you will have to write with pen-and-paper. It cannot be done separately from the other sections. Mathematics essay writing competition prompt will describe an issue in a short paragraph, then give esswy three different perspectives on that issue. Notice you must accomplish all three of the bulleted tasks. No matter what perspective you take, your outljne will NOT be affected if the reader does not share the outilne opinion.

You are act essay writing outline scored on your ability. How do I Plan? Start act essay writing outline reading the prompt paragraph, and the three perspectives. Part of what you will have to do is choose your OWN position on the topic, and rather than come up with a completely new perspective, choose ONE of the three perspectives that is closest to your own opinion.

What Does Your ACT Essay Need? 5 Key Elements

That perspective will be your thesis, which will be the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. Next, plan out your essay using this template! This is a sample outline for the ACT essay. Aim for 5 paragraphs.

act essay writing outline

If you have trouble completing 5 paragraphs, see if you can streamline your body paragraphs. They can often be bloated with unnecessary wordiness.

act essay writing outline

Act essay writing outline the introduction and the essay writing examples uk short and sweet. Begin your essay with two sentences summarizing the other two perspectives the ones you do not agree putline. Your last sentence will be your thesis, and it will be a powerful and confident statement that encapsulates the ideas of the third perspective the one you do agree with.

Sample Test Questions

For example, act essay writing outline could be structured like this:. You introduction could be structured thusly:. From this introduction, we have clarified our position: alternative technology is wrlting way to go!

Be sure to reuse key words from each perspective so it is extremely clear which perspectives you are criticizing, and which of the three you are strongly supporting. Do not mention the individual perspectives by number.

act essay writing outline

It is more subtle if you can write your essay as if it is not based on a prompt at all! You have three writng in your body paragraphs:. Just like you did in the first body paragraph, you will:.

act essay writing outline

Use a transition phrase, and reiterate your thesis in the first sentence. In the rest of the paragraph, elaborate why it is correct.

Tackling ACT Writing, Step by Step

Again, if you can use a specific example, that would be ideal. In your conclusion, warn about the future consequences if your writingg were not considered. Then reinforce act essay writing outline correctness of your own thesis.]