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Do you know how to improve your profile for college applications? See how your profile ranks among thousands of other students using CollegeVine. After all, beyond properly studying, nothing is as important as showing up for the ACT on time! The ACT consists of four required sections, and one optional section.

The witing sections are English, Math, Reading, and Act writing essay time, and they are taken in this order.

act writing essay time

The optional section is Writing, and this takes place at the end of the exam. See the table below to find out how long each section lasts and how many questions each consists of. If you are taking the Wrtiing without Writing, you will have just one break act writing essay time the test.

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It takes place after the Math section and lasts for ten minutes. This break lasts 5 minutes and generally just allows axt time for those not taking the Writing Section to leave the room.

act writing essay time

This means that if you take the ACT without Writing, it will last approximately 3 hours and 5 minutes, including your one break. If you online essay writing test tips the ACT with Writing, it will last approximately 3 hours and 50 minutes, including two breaks.

What is standard across all testing centers, however, is that the doors to the ACT testing center close at AM. This means that you will need to arrive there between AM to qct plenty of time act writing essay time not feel stressed upon arrival. Wondering what time the ACT will end? Most students are tome taking the ACT without writing by about PM, and those who take the writing section are usually done by about Act writing essay time. Our free chancing engine takes into account your history, background, test scores, and extracurricular activities to show you your real chances of admission—and how to improve wirting.

act writing essay time

Although this might seem like a long time to be taking a test, the ACT is better known for its quick pace.]