Anecdote writing essay

Although the concept of an anecdotal essay sounds simple enough--you are, after all simply telling a story--writing one can be quite challenging.

anecdote writing essay

As with any other type of writing assignment, the essay essah capture and hold your reader's interest. Fortunately, if you take time to structure the paper properly, your anecdotal anecdote writing essay can be fun to write and more importantly, fun to read.

How to Write an Anecdote

Come up with a list of ideas for your anecdotal essay. Think back to an important event in your life or other personal experiences that have affected you.

anecdote writing essay

Pick one story to use as the basis for your anecdotal essay. Discuss your ideas with a friend, teacher or peer and find out which story appeals to him or her.

Why Use Anecdotes?

Hearing someone else's opinion can help you select the most interesting anecdote writing essay for your paper. Determine the theme of your essay.

Think about your reason for writing the storydo you want to make your readers laugh or do you want your story to offer insight about a essay writing competition 2014 malaysia issue? Tell anecdotf story in three anecdote writing essay wrting body paragraphs.

Because this is the most important part of your story, you should spend the most time on this section.

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Make sure your writing is clear, grammatically correct and structured logically. Write an introduction for your essay. Because it's the beginning of your essay, make sure your introduction uses an appropriate tone that prepares your readers for anecdote writing essay story you're telling.

anecdote writing essay

For example, if you're telling a funny anecdote, the introduction should make your reader laugh. On the other hand, if your story is serious, your introduction should be writung formal.]