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anthology essay writing

Happy Reading. While it can often be easy to find a great collection of essays from a single author, this task of the Read Harder challenge is a little more, well, challenging—read anthology essay writing essay anthology, also known as a collection of essays with multiple authors.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.

My first and best recommendation for finding a great general essay anthology is to visit the Best American Essays series from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. A anthology essay writing edition in this series comes out every year, each one with a new guest editor, sriting each collection has a slightly different flavor. Scan the archive and find an author you love—Leslie Jamison! Ariel Levy! Cheryl Anthology essay writing Mary Oliver!

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Susan Orlean! Gutkind is the editor of a major journal of narrative nonfiction, and this book pulls together 25 of the anthology essay writing essays published in that journal over the last 15 years or so.

anthology essay writing

Those collections are, by design, pretty general. Anthology essay writing collection of essays is about how we got to a country that elected Donald Trump president, and what we can do to keep going.

anthology essay writing

This collection brings together women from a range of fields—law, television, dog anthollogy, writing, butchery, and more—to talk about what ambition means and how women grapple with the competing expectations the world has for working in the world.

This anthology essay writing is based around a question many readers have asked: Is a book the same book the second time around? Anne Fadiman, who I just love, collects the thoughts of 17 authors, all writing about anthology essay writing relationship we have with books and what it means to revisit the cbest writing essay tips that have shaped us.

This one is perfect for readers and very slim—maybe a one-sitting book!]