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Download this Handout PDF. Are your paragraphs clearly and seamlessly connected? Are any of your sentences confusing?

argumentative essay writing center

But before you get into the details of phrases and punctuation, you need to focus on making sure your argument is as strong and persuasive as it can be. This page provides you with eight specific strategies for how to take on the important challenge of revising an argument. The best way to begin re—seeing your argument is first to stop seeing argumentative essay writing center.

Tips for Organizing an Argumentative Essay

Set your paper aside for a weekend, a day, or even a argumentative essay writing center of hours. Of course, this will require you to have started your writing process well before your paper is due.

But giving yourself argumentative essay writing center time allows you to refresh your perspective and separate yourself from your initial ideas and organization. When you return to your paper, try to approach your argument as a tough, critical reader. Reread it carefully. Ezsay even read it out loud to hear it in a esay way. Let the distance you created inform how you now see the paper differently.

Arguments are everywhere

This strategy combines the structure of a reverse outline with elements of argument that philosopher Stephen Toulmin detailed in his influential book The Uses of Argument. Detailing these core elements of your argument helps you see its basic structure and assess whether or not your argument is convincing. This will argumentative essay writing center help you consider whether the most crucial elements of the argument are supported by the evidence and if they are logically sequenced to build upon each other.

Main claim : Machines are making workers obsolete, and while this has the potential to disrupt and seriously damage American society, if handled strategically through governmental guidance, it also has the essay writing sample questions of helping us to live more communal, creative, and empathetic lives.

Sub—claim : The disappearance of work argumentative essay writing center radically change the United States. Sub—claim : This is argumentative essay writing center work functions as something of an unofficial religion to Americans.

argumentative essay writing center

Sub—claim : Technology has always guided the U. Sub—claim: But now technology may be taking over our jobs. Refutation: The argumentative essay writing center was once said about the horse. It was a key economic player; technology was built around it until technology wtiting to surpass it.

This parallels what will happen with retail workers, cashiers, food service employees, and office clerks.

argumentative essay writing center

Counter—argument: But technology creates jobs too. Refutation: Yes, but not as quickly as it takes them away. Sub—claim : There are three overlapping visions of what the world might look like without work:.

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Consumption —People will argumentative essay writing center work and instead devote their freedom to leisure. Evidence: polling data Sub—claim : But they need them. Evidence: statistics and academic studies Sub—claim : Future leisure activities may be nourishing enough to stave off this guilt. Communal creativity —People will not work and will writinv productive, artistic, engaging communities outside the workplace.

Sub—claim: This could be a good alternative to work. Evidence: personal experience and observation.

argumentative essay writing center

Contingency —People will not work one big job like they used to and so will fight to regain their sense of productivity by piecing together small jobs.]