Argumentative essay writing video

Students are glued to their media…YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are the top apps used by secondary kids.

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As educators our job is to engage our students in the process of learning and what better way is there to engage than through video?!?! In this post learn some awesome strategies for teaching argumentative writing through video.

argumentative essay writing video

There are tons of excellent Ted Talks out there that follow the structure of an argumentative essay but in the form of a talk. All Essay writing strategies tips Talk speakers are trying to prove one single point, they all have reasoning, anecdotes, evidence in the form of statistics or references to scientific studies or articles.

Students LOVE creating videos of their own. Why not have students create argumentative essay writing video cartoon of their argumentative essay.

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They can use graphics, music and their own voice to convey their claims with Powtoon! My Simple Show is an easier version of PowToon.

argumentative essay writing video

It really is just a very simple way for students to create a video about their topic. The really awesome part is that they have to write a script before adding in the graphics, music and sound.

Urdu essay writing competition argumentative essay writing video so many student facing videos to teach argumentative writing on YouTube!

They are short, entertaining and teach important writing skills. Shmoop Excellent channel with lots of free resource videos for a argumentative essay writing video range of topics from teaching point of view to dialect in poetry.

argumentative essay writing video

Critical Thinker Academy This is definitely a channel secondary English teachers should subscribe too. It is jam packed with videos and podcasts to play for your students on the topic of argument, analysis and critical thinking.

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Teaching without Frills Lots of awesome short Powtoon cartoons on this YouTube channel essay writing topics free download teachers to use in their class.

More for the elementary level but could definitely see myself using it with my sixth graders! Want more videos to teach writing?!?! I create about a video a argumentative essay writing video just for writing workshop! If this sounds good to you, then should consider subscribing to my YouTube channel…. There are many short talks out there that are perfect for secondary students to watch and then analyze. Many people think of TED Talks as informational, but they are argumentative argumentative essay writing video Speakers must be clear, zrgumentative, and convince the audience to believe the ideas they are putting forth.]