Brain drain writing essay

It is also referred to as human capital flight. Brain drain is a global phenomenon that refers to flow of human resource in bulk from one country to another.

Long and Short Essay on Brain Drain in English

With draij beginning of globalisation, ideas, opinions, skills in the form of labour started being exchanged between nations. This is primarily due to the fact that developing countries like India have failed utterly in providing the freelance college essay writing kind of opportunities to its youth.

This, in turn, is leading to a great loss of national wealth. In the past few decades, a lot of Indian professionals too migrated to other countries.

Essay on Brain Drain

The human capital in terms of csc essay writing, ideas, labour brain drain writing essay intelligence is being transferred to countries abroad from India since ages.

Additionally, studies esasy that Indians are one of the most hard working, dedicated and sincere workers. That is why various countries and companies readily take our nationals.

brain drain writing essay

Thus, these countries provide greater opportunities—quality as well as quantity-wise. The facilities, packages, scholarships etc. While the institutes are in the race of getting the best students, the ambitious youth fail braain occupy seat in any of the prestigious Indian Universities.

brain drain writing essay

This leads them to explore the scope of higher education abroad. Most of these students prefer staying back in the host country due to better work opportunities and heavy pay packages.

Brain drain writing essay part from good earnings, those in the US and Europe are aware qriting the public services, social security system and essay writing pdf for teenage benefits. So, after getting global exposure and getting brain drain writing essay to the high quality life and facilities, the writin become reluctant to go back to the home country.

Awakening to this fact, Indian Government is putting the best foot forward to curb brain drain.

brain drain writing essay

In lieu with consistent economic brain drain writing essay, India will see robust hiring and there is an expected double-digit wriitng increase across all sectors—IT, manufacturing, finance, insurance and real estate.

Both, government and private firms are aiming towards a better and friendlier atmosphere to create better conditions for their employees.

Brain Drain

Discrimination and bias at work places are checked by making laws and strictly implementing them. Incentives are given to stop youngsters from going abroad in search of work. After witnessing a huge brain drain of doctors, the government was persuaded to take actions.

Now, the medical students going abroad for higher studies will have to sign a bond with the government, promising to return to India after completing their studies. Policies to nurture higher education, better public service delivery and better sharing of data with brain drain writing essay public RTI needs writing a good essay about be promoted to encourage a reverse brain drain.

Brain drain writing essay the government of the day needs to ensure good employment facilities for students by encouraging domestic and international investments in manufacturing, research and development. Countries welcome them with open arms. We can use the best potential of the country to accelerate our own progress in socio-economic fields.

Essay on Brain Drain for Children and Students

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brain drain writing essay