Brainstorming techniques writing essay

Brainstorming is useful whether you have too few ideas, or tecgniques many. In this strategy, a topic or idea is examined from six distinct viewpoints — hence the name.

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Describe the topic what is it? Cubing was developed as a critical-thinking exercise to help students express their thoughts in opinion essays, but it can be adapted for general nonfiction writing, though it is of limited value for fiction. A essay and letter writing pdf technique is to explore three perspectives: The first is to describe the topic and brainstorming techniques writing essay features, brainstorming techniques writing essay constituent parts, and its challenges, and to compare and contrast it with other topics.

The third is to map the topic to similar contemporary topics as well as to its influences, and to topics that it influences. Just write. Turn off your inner editor. Do not strive for coherence.

2. Freewriting

If your intent is to write brainstorming techniques writing essay essay or a review or profile, what do you want to communicate? If you wish to craft a story, which ideas and elements do you wish to convey? Jot down a list of phrases or single words you will return to later.

brainstorming techniques writing essay

For nonfiction, the list can consist of opinions, arguments, facts, questions, or components, or any combination of the above.

For fiction, list people, places, and things, values and qualities, goals and obstacles.

brainstorming techniques writing essay

Outlining stalls the creative act of brainstorming by requiring you to evaluate and organize your thoughts. Remember, brainstorming should be an uninhibited activity.

brainstorming techniques writing essay

Mapping, also esasy as clustering and webbing, is a graphic form of listing that simply involves jotting down ideas on a large writing surface and then making connections by associating similarly themed ideas with color-coded circles or underlines of distinct patterns and then indicating other relationships by linking with lines. The Creately blog has a great article with several other visual brainstorming strategies brainstorming techniques writing essay can try.


Go to the reference section of a library, or call up reference Web sites. As you read about a current or past event, or a contemporary or historical issue, record the esl essay writing pdf in list or map form.

Even if one does work, try more than one. If you feel that an outline is useful, brainstorminng one brainstorming techniques writing essay you complete the brainstorming activity.]