Breaking down essay writing

breaking down essay writing

Because differences are our greatest breakihg. Kids with writing issues often feel frustrated and may even shut down when asked to write an essay. Imagine your child receives this assignment:.

Organize Your Ideas Using a Diagram or Outline

Teacher: Class, your homework tonight is to read this short story, then write an essay about it. Please write your response based on the following writijg question: What conflict exists between the two characters? How is the conflict different from what you would have breaking down essay writing You approach and read over the essay question. You: Hey there!

breaking down essay writing

You: OK… specifically, which part? The solution is to help them break down the essay question until they can explain which part of it is giving them trouble. Or it may be both.

Select a Topic

Encourage your child to re-read the story. Sometimes even the best readers need to go back and read things a second time.

breaking down essay writing

Also, have her jot down quick details about the main elements like characters and plot to give an overall understanding of the story. You can also ask her to talk with you about the story details.

Why Writing an Essay Is So Hard?

With a multi-part question, just focus on one part at a time. Using the example above, the first question asks about the conflict in the story.

breaking down essay writing

As your child re-reads the story, have her underline any examples of conflict. She should take down notes about the conflict too.

Essay Writing Can Be Fun

Your child can continue like this with each part of the essay question. The point is to tackle one part at a time and break down the information.

This method will also help reveal which part is the most confusing or problematic for her.]