Cae essay writing practice

Scroll Down. Your class wfiting attended a lecture on what governments could do to minimise the impact of CO2 in big cities. You have made some notes below. Write an essay for your tutor discussing two of the methods in your notes.

IELTS Writing Task 2

You should explain which method you think is better for cae essay writing practice local government to consider and support your opinion with reasons. Write an answer to one of the questions in this part. Write your answer in words in an appropriate style. We are currently conducting a survey on the importance of charity for writjng people and how young people view charitable organizations around the world.

Please write cae essay writing practice report on this survey describing how young people in your area feel about charities and essay writing a student charitable organizations and how you think this may change in the future.

Practiice recently returned from a holiday abroad.

Example Essay 1 - Too Much Traffic

On the flight to your destination, the plane was substantially delayed with no apparent cae essay writing practice and this resulted in you missing your connecting flight and having to stay a night at the airport waiting for the next connection. Your luggage was lost for almost four days and when cze was returned to you, your camera was missing. Write a letter to the airline company describing how you and your holiday were affected, how you feel about the service and asking for compensation.

A website that cae essay writing practice in book reviews has asked you to write a review of essay writing about my idol book that you have read.

cae essay writing practice

You should comment on the portrayal of the characters, the development cae essay writing practice the plot and its main themes and whether you believe the book is a good addition to its genre or not. Give reasons for your opinions.

cae essay writing practice

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cae essay writing practice