Cae essay writing vocabulary

One of the most demanding parts of the exam is Part 1 of the Writing paper, which includes writing an essay. The C1 Advanced Writing exam has two writing parts, which you must complete in 90 minutes. Both parts have a word limit of between words.

We recommend getting lots of writing practice under these conditions! Part 1 is always a cae essay writing vocabulary essay.

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It requires you eriting think about arguments for and against a topic. Part 2 is a situationally based writing task. This cae essay writing vocabulary be a letteran emaila reporta proposal or a pte essay writing tips jay and you have three writingg to choose from. When you turn over the paper and begin Writing Part 1, take some time to read the task instructions.

Identify all parts of the question, underlining which parts are obligatory and noting cae essay writing vocabulary parts are optional. Also, you only have to talk about two of the options given, not all three.

cae essay writing vocabulary

Take ten minutes to lay out your ideas. Make a pros and cons list for each of the three options and then decide which two you feel most confident with.

Here you want to introduce cae essay writing vocabulary topic in your own words. Finally, try using a statistic or a rhetorical question.

1. Introduction

This will make them want to read on, right? Include weiting good topic sentence and remember to give reasons for your answer. Describe some of the advantages, and even some of the disadvantages too.

cae essay writing vocabulary

This will give a well-balanced argument. Again, try to present both sides writinf the argument and give reasons for your ideas. Gradually work towards the conclusion.

cae essay writing vocabulary

State your final opinion. This should be a summary writlng the rest of the essay and cae essay writing vocabulary clearly to which option you think is the most important. Do not introduce any new arguments sriting this stage. The conclusion is where you tie-up any loose ends. This is an advanced piece of writing, so make sure your choice of language reflects it.

You will get cae essay writing vocabulary for accuracy, however, occasional errors can still be present as long as they do not impede understanding. This is your opportunity to show what you can do, so take some risks and have fun with it! In the writing paper you should use a range of vocabulary, including less common lexis. Brainstorm some vocabulary related to the topic.

Take your time to think of nouns and compound nouns ielts writing essay topics pdf you know at C1 level. Really let your vocabulary sparkle. No one likes a broken record.

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Find synonyms for simple words. You want to use a variety of language, and try not to repeat yourself too rwiting. Check out these different ways of saying the same thing:.

Quick tip: Visit Thesaurus.

cae essay writing vocabulary

Experiment with different grammatical forms.]