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Write an essay for your tutor discussing two of the aspects in your notes. You should explain which aspect you think is the most important regarding these TV shows cae writing essay title provide reasons to support your opinion.

Reality television and talent shows have marked a turning point in the entertainment industry in just a few years. Yet, although all the fun, viewers are often left feeling dumb, pointless and empty after watching these kinds of programmes.

Cae writing essay title this writinv, two aspects regarding reality TV will be discussed: the quality of writing rubric examples persuasive essay viewers are getting and the influence it writihg on young people.

cae writing essay title

Some may find reality TV entertaining, yet it is not cae writing essay title adding positive values cae writing essay title our society.

Flip through your channels for a minute and witness random people shopping compulsively or a judge humiliating amateur musicians on live television. It is not to say that we should rely on TV to educate us, it is to say that its influence on the viewers must never be underestimated.

Again, should a person in a power position mistreat another academic essay writing process pdf prime time, why would not the rest of us do it at school or at sesay

cae writing essay title

Closely related to the point mentioned above is the influence that reality television has on our young. Not only is it worrying that our children's ultimate goal is to be like Kim Kardashian, but also it is cae writing essay title unnecessary pressure on parents. On one side, some of them state to be preoccupied for allowing their children be influenced cea pointless characters.

cae writing essay title

On the other, the younger ones might get mocked at by peers for not being up-to-date with the latest episodes. In my view, it is essential to limit and supervise the amount of time children and adolescents spend in front of the television.

Writung, they could be easily deceived by the numerous cae writing essay title reality TV wants to sell.

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A great essay! It flows well and there are cae writing essay title of variations in sentence style that makes it interesting to read. A turning point from what to what? From boring TV to the golden age of TV? In contrast, the final sentence is super, so it ends on a high note. And the phrase is better with exactly instead of precisely.

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The only mistake that really stops me from understanding her point is this one:. Some parents cae writing essay title. But remember the task is to say which aspect is more important. Better to make it really clear that you are answering the question. You could do it like:.]