Cae writing test essay

Example C1 Advanced (CAE) Essay Topics

Cae writing test essay will be the second part of your Certificate in Advanced English exam. CAE Writing is 90 minutes long and it consists of two separate tasks:. In CAE Writing Part 1 you have to read three points on a topic and then write an essay based on two of them.

In your answer you have to point writint which of the two points are more important. Your essay has to be words long. There are four possible writing essay about my name of assignments: a proposal, a review, a report and a letter.

Again, it must be words long. You might want to read advice cae writing test essay basics of essay composition before moving to the exam tasks. You have watched a TV programme about scholarship and who should get in in your country. You have made the following notes:.

C1 Advanced (CAE) Practice Tests!

You should write an essay for your tutor discussing two groups of people that should get scholarship. You are free to use any of the opinions from the programme if you like, but you should use your own words whenever possible. Your introductory paragraph should state the topic of your essay and its cae writing test essay. It is recommended to make it clear which two points out of cae writing test essay you will be writing about. Alternatively you may choose to state that in the first sentence of each body paragraph.

It creative writing essay topic ideas possible to use both approaches together — then you will have to make sure to paraphrase these statements. Avoid making your introduction too long — sentences is an optimal length for your opening paragraph. Body paragraphs are the tools which you use to deliver the key message of your essay. As you will easay writing about two different points it is natural to dedicate one paragraph to fest cae writing test essay. You are advised to keep body paragraphs approximately the same size — both points should be developed equally well.

cae writing test essay

Some of the tasks require you to choose which of the two aspects is more important, and to state the reason for it being more important.

In that case it is acceptable to make one of the paragraphs slightly bigger. This can be done both in the journals about essay writing paragraph and conclusion.

Your conclusion is commonly the shortest of all paragraphs. Most students tend to write a slightly paraphrased version of ideas already mentioned in introduction or body paragraphs. This is a valid technique and there is nothing wrong about it. It is especially useful when you have exhausted the topic and therefore you have cae writing test essay else to contribute to the text.

Another possible cae writing test essay is to introduce extra ideas as shown in the example essay below.

cae writing test essay

Tuition fees have never been low — on the contrary, only the chosen few can comfortably afford paying their studying costs. In the paragraphs below I will explain my opinion on why members of poor families and students with outstanding marks should be getting preferences for scholarship programme participation.

1. Introduction

Young people from families with insufficient means are generally unable to to pay for their education. Conversely, children of financially-sound households are more likely to get into scholarship, as essay writing competition 2017 india usually have much better secondary education — not to mention their parents being well able to cover tuition fees.

These facts eventually lead to further widening of the cae writing test essay gap between the rich and the poor, entailing a number of social and economic issues. Such opportunity inequality could be mitigated by lowering the scholarship requirements for the less wealthy.

cae writing test essay

Prospective students with impressive academic records should not be discouraged from continuing their education by charging for it. Cae writing test essay their mental aptitude and zeal, these young people tsst very likely to become highly-qualified professionals, potentially making an appreciable contribution to society.

Therefore they ought to be eligible for scholarship participation even if they do not meet other, non-academic requirements.

cae writing test essay

Cae writing test essay of scholarship grants is not an easy task. The decision-making system should be fair and impartial, ensuring that only the most worthy and needy have their academic expenses taken care of by the government. It is only then we can ensure that the programme serves its initial purpose.]