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Check out carleton university essay writing Carleton essay guide. Home to just over 2, undergraduates, Carleton consistently ranks at 1 for undergraduate teaching among liberal arts colleges in the U. With a student-faculty ratio of and an average class size of 16, Carls enjoy four years of intensive academics and a famously close-knit community.

carleton university essay writing

Want to know your chances at Carleton? Calculate your chances for free right now. The school requires applicants to answer several short, essay-style carleton university essay writing. Keep reading to find out how to tackle those supplements! Want to learn what Carleton will actually cost you based on your income?

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And how long your application to the school should take? Prompt 1: When did you first learn of Carleton? Prompt 2: Why are you applying to Carleton?

carleton university essay writing

Prompt carleton university essay writing Is there any additional information you feel we need to know regarding your application? Please complete the following 3 questions each in characters or less :. While this prompt may only seem to require a brief, factual response, the word limit tells us that the school is actually seeking a more developed answer.

carleton university essay writing

While this first prompt deals with your initial exposure to Carleton, the second specifically asks about why you are applying. Thus, while you can carleton university essay writing your interest in Carleton in your first response, you want to avoid too much overlap with your essay for prompt 2.

Consider also that the admissions committee likely considers these answers in understanding which of their outreach methods are most effective.

carleton university essay writing

You should therefore make at least some mention of the method through which you initially carleton university essay writing of the school, be it through an email, college fair, word of mouth, etc.

A good way to start this essay might be with an anecdote about the exact moment you learned about Carleton.

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Did you visit campus, carleton university essay writing have a great conversation with a current student or alum? Focusing on a specific, significant interaction can double as evidence of your initiative in learning about Carleton.

Notice that this question also asks when you first learned about Carleton. If your discovery of Carleton was spurred by a newfound interest in liberal arts colleges your junior year, or your conviction since your sophomore year that you wanted to leave your home on the West Coast and explore new parts of the country, essay writing examples for students can tie in your developing interests at that period in your life with your discovery of Carleton.

For example, a student with two older siblings in college might have gained an understanding of the cons of the quarter and semester systems from an early age. Knowing from carleton university essay writing beginning of their college search that they wanted an alternative to these two options, they could ib psychology essay writing tips discovered Carleton with its trimester system early in their junior year and had their heart set on attending ever since.

Even a story of discovering the college a week before the application deadline can make for a compelling essay, so long as you communicate what exactly about it stood out to you.]