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They come from the last chapter of a book in which wriging cathy o essay writing illustrated again and again how, in the words of her subtitle, "big data increases inequality and threatens democracy. They have three things in common: opacity, scale, and damage. They are often proprietary or otherwise shielded from prying eyes, so they cathy o essay writing the effect of being essxy black cathy o essay writing. They affect large numbers of people, increasing the chances that they get it wrong for some of them.

And they have a negative effect on people, perhaps by encoding racism or other biases into an algorithm or enabling predatory companies essay writing linking words pdf advertise selectively to vulnerable people, or even by causing a global financial crisis.

She is an academic mathematician turned Wall Street quant turned data scientist who has been involved in Occupy Wall Street and recently started an algorithmic auditing rssay. She is one of the strongest voices speaking out for limiting the ways we allow algorithms to influence our lives and against the notion that catby algorithm, because it is implemented by an unemotional machine, cannot perpetrate bias or injustice.

Many people think of Wall Street and hedge funds when they think cahty big data and algorithms making decisions. Most of the people buying, selling, and even rating them had no idea how risky they were, and the economy is still reeling from their effects.

cathy o essay writing

She shares stories of people who have been deemed unworthy in some way by cqthy algorithm. To add insult to injury, the algorithms cathh judged them are completely opaque and unassailable. People often have no recourse when the algorithm makes a mistake. Many WMDs create feedback loops that perpetuate injustice.

Recidivism models and predictive policing algorithms—programs that send officers to patrol certain locations based toefl essay writing book pdf crime data—are rife with the potential for harmful cathy o essay writing loops. Due to racist cathy o essay writing practices such as stop and frisk, black people are likely to have that first encounter earlier than white people.

If the model takes this measure into account, it will probably deem a black person more likely But they wriitng harmful even beyond their potential to be racist.

cathy o essay writing

He is finally cathy o essay writing into the same poor neighborhood, this time with a criminal record, which makes it that much harder to find a job. If he commits another professional essay writing samples, the recidivism cathy o essay writing can claim another success.

But in fact the model itself contributes to a toxic cycle and helps to sustain it. People like me need to know that these things are happening to others and learn more about how to fight them. While Weapons of Math Destruction is full of hard truths and grim statistics, it is also accessible and even entertaining. And the book is not all grim.

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In the last chapter, she shares some ideas of how we can disarm WMDs cahty use big data for good. She proposes a Hippocratic Oath for data scientists and writes about how to regulate math models.

cathy o essay writing

The technology exists! If we develop the will, we can cathy o essay writing big data to advance equality and justice. The views expressed are those of the author s and are not necessarily those of Scientific American. Follow Evelyn Lamb on Twitter.

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