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You may feel a bit rusty when it comes writiing writing eessay. The CBEST writing portion of the test includes two essays that you have to write within a relatively short time. Instead, you and I will go straight to the meat of the matter.

I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to write each of the essays. The first essay is personal, and the second is expository, which cbest essay writing help it is argumentative. The expository argumentative essay is the same 5-paragraph essay that they kind of taught you how to write in school.

It is also a format for essay writing pdf college essay in which you state an argument and support it.

This is the easiest way to approach it. I will use my personal example as an illustration. This challenge is usually a loss of some kind, such as a loss of health, of a job or cbest essay writing help asset, or of an important relationship. In an essay to be read by an audience of educated adults, discuss one such challenge and how it changed cbest essay writing help as a person.

cbest essay writing help

Note that any CBEST personal essay question will involve some cbest essay writing help of a challenge, something from your past you wish you could change, or some kind of a loss.

Every Hollywood movie is structured this way. You have a character who has a problem, and she overcomes that problem, but she has to change in order to do that.

Our Sample CBEST Personal Essay Question

In your personal essay, you are essentially cnest the same. Your 5-paragraph structure becomes your 5-act movie. In the first paragraph, you want to immediately answer cbest essay writing help posed question. This will also mean that you are stating a problem that you had in the past.

Describe the outer world problem.

cbest essay writing help

Here, you reveal your inner world problem. This is something psychological about the situation. Describe what you did to overcome the situation.

cbest essay writing help

This is about what you did in the outer world and what challenges or problems you encountered. You did not overcome the challenge yet. You had to deal with another problem that cbest essay writing help you from winning at this point.

You realize cbeat something needs to change for you to get the result. Something in your mindset had to shift.

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Describe how you finally achieved the result, what lesson or lessons you learned, and how you changed as a person. Please note that this structure is an approximation. You are cbest essay writing help telling cbest essay writing help story with a beginning, middle, and an end. This structure gives you ideas of what to put in each paragraph. Use it as a reference when telling your story because each story is different. Also, keep in mind that if your story is somewhat simple, you can write only four paragraphs.

That is okay, too.


I heard a loud pop in my left knee and fell on the floor, writhing xbest pain. As it later turned out, I had torn my anterior cruciate ligament, a major stabilizing ligament in the knee.

cbest essay writing help

I now walked with a limp and had intense pain whenever I tried to extend my leg or when stepping onto a cbest essay writing help. I was 30 years old, and I had a trauma that changed the way I walked.]