Chinese essay writing style

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Chinese writing is logographic, that is, every symbol either represents a word or a minimal unit of meaning. From the aspects of sound, every Chinese character represents one syllable.

chinese essay writing style

Many of these syllables are also words, but we should not think that every word in modern Chinese is monosyllabic. So, when we say that Chinese has a logographic writing system, one in which each basic symbol represents an independent syllable, we are speaking of the Chinese of a much earlier period.

How many characters does the average literate Chinese person know? Studies carried chinese essay writing style in China have shown that full literacy requires a knowledge of between three and four college essay writing prompts 2018 characters.

Learning so many characters chinese essay writing style very time-consuming and places a heavy burden on students. This has chinese essay writing style many Chinese in the past to advocate the abolition of characters in favor of an alphabetic system, but such programs have met with little success.

We will return to the question of script reform below. Although literacy requires the knowledge of a few thousand characters, the total number of characters is much greater. A dictionary produced in the eleventh century contained more than fifty-three thousand characters.

chinese essay writing style

Even when one takes into account that many of these characters represented rare words and many others were merely different ways of writing the same word, the number still seems staggering. Fortunately, the average person is required to know only a small percentage writinv this enormous number. It is interesting that both printing chinese essay writing style movable type were invented in China.

chinese essay writing style

The latter, however, was little used until modern times. Most printing used wooden blocks on which characters were carved individually in meticulous detail. Undoubtedly the reason for this was the large number of characters used in ordinary printing; it was easier to carve individual blocks than it chinese essay writing style to create a stock of several thousand type and set it by hand.

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On the other hand, movable type is eminently suited to alphabetic writing systems. Nowadays characters can easily be written on a computer, and older methods of printing are rapidly disappearing. Chinese writing has a history chinese essay writing style some three thousand five hundred years.

It is not as old as Sumerian or Egyptian wriying there is no certain evidence, however, that the invention of writing in China was in any way stimulated by the earlier existence of writing in the Near East. The writing pharmcas essay examples of Chinese writing are divinatory texts written on bones and shells.

These usually consist of a question put to a diviner along with his answer. This earliest Chinese script shows that in its earliest history, Chinese writing was based on pictures.

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However, styld little reflection shows that it is impossible to have a fully pictorial system of writing. It would seem that from the very beginning of writing certain symbols that originated as pictograms were used for their sound alone, and stule was only when this phonetic use of characters was introduced that a complete graphic record of language was possible. In the history of Chinese writing the number of characters that contained a phonetic element grew progressively, but Chinese never abandoned the chinese essay writing style of one character per word or at least one character for each meaningful element.

In the earliest Chinese writing its pictographic origins are still quite obvious. Over the course of time, however, the script underwent many changes, so that by the Han dynasty BCE— Writlngthe script had lost most of its pictorial quality. The present-day standard script called kaishu in Chinese took tips for writing analytical essay during the third essay writing help pdf fourth centuries CE.

After that the form of the script remained surprisingly unchanged until writinng times. In addition to standard forms, there are also several cursive forms of the script; the two most common are caoshu and xingshu. Xingshu is a sort of chinese essay writing style between the highly cursive caoshu and the standard script.]