Chocolate essay writing

Introduction Chocolate is a kind of sweet. Moreover, most people in the world like to eat chocolate.

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Chocolate grows on the continental chocolate evergreen tree known as "cocoa" which produces seeds which people use to make different types of cocoa, including chocolate. This topic is important because around the world chocolate attracts many people and they cannot resist it and there are some people who are addicted to it, but they do not know essay writing about christmas holiday the advantages and the disadvantages of chocolate chocolate essay writing. Chocolate made the journey from Mesoamerica to Spain, and then to other European countries, including England.

Not chocolate essay writing wfiting the sweetness was tasted in London, it traveled across the Atlantic to the North American colonies.

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It is possible to have traveled there chocolate essay writing from Jamaica after the island had been seized from Spain. However, the most genuine explanation is that high Colonial officials carried it with them when they were assigned to their administrative posts in Virginia and Massachusetts.

chocolate essay writing

Chocolate As you may know, chocolate has been around for many chocolate essay writing, dating back to the Mayan and Aztec times Ackar. This sweet treat has not always been sweet though. It started out as just plain old cocoa beans that were very bitter.

chocolate essay writing

Once eessay cocoa beans began to export and different countries started to receive them, those countries started to add spices and other items to enhance the flavor and make to the experience even more delicious. Chocolate essay writing Mesoamericans, or Mayans, first started using cocoa.

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Chocolate is one of the most widely consumed products in the world, with North America being its leading consumer and followed second by Europe. All though most people do not know the unique origins and tedious process required for producing the popular chocolate essay writing.

chocolate essay writing

Cacao which is known as the cocoa bean, comes from the cacao. Introduction 3 2.

chocolate essay writing

What is chocolate? Origins of chocolate 3. Who and Where?]