Clean india essay writing

Clean India Essay: A densely populated country like India needs to be cared for its cleanliness and green cover. Citizens should be responsible for treating and managing wastes in scientific ways possible. Proper waste disposal and segregation methods should be implemented.

clean india essay writing

Below we have provided a short composition on Clean and Healthy India, which helps in paragraph and essay writing competitions. India is one of the most populated countries in this world.

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Because we live in a densely populated country, we must keep our society green and clean. Citizens of India should become more mindful of their actions.

This way, our country will be healthy.

clean india essay writing

Litter and waste can cause a serious threat to the environment we live in. It invites diseases and disrupts our lives. Improper waste disposal activities, combined with pollutionmake us sick.

clean india essay writing

Moreover, it is the prime reason to destroy the aesthetic charm of a place. Thus, Clean India is what we need at the moment. Clean india essay writing, there have been a lot of missions that have been undertaken by our government.

The Clean India mission is one of them. In Hindi, it translates to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. It is certainly wgiting of the most powerful campaigns India has ever witnessed.

Essay on Clean India

Here we are going to discuss the same in a clean india essay writing manner. This project is administered by the Indian Government. The intention behind it is to cover all the cities, towns and villages of India and keep them clean.

clean india essay writing

The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development is responsible for the drive. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has set a lot of goals and achieving these goals will lead towards a greener and cleaner India. Not only are the workers responsible for the cleanlinessbut we as clezn must also equally contribute towards the plan.

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Overall, it is a great initiative that makes us aware of the impact of cleanliness. The Clean India mission is one of a kind. It is the pte writing essay pdf download such social movement that clean india essay writing on a huge scale.

The project initially covered cities and was expected to have a budget of over 1. One of the most important aims of it includes building toilets for every household. Esay also provides sanitation facilities to all the government schools, colleges, and public clean india essay writing. It helps the municipalities of several areas to provide the people with fresh potable water.

To promote cleanliness, it has offered us with proper drainage systems, bathing facilities, hand pumps, etc. The problem of open defecation in rural areas is quite relevant. This mission wants to eliminate it for good. It helps to change the mindset of the public.]