Cognitive dissonance writing essay

Organizational or personal set ups often require instances of decision making. Whether made at personal or corporate levels, individuals are faced with instances of making decisions under competitive options.

cognitive dissonance writing essay

This condition always presents discomfort in emotions. The uncomfortable emotion that is experienced as a result of having conflicting ideas is called cognitive dissonance.

cognitive dissonance writing essay

This paper seeks to discuss cognitive dissonance. The paper will look into the theory of cognitive dissonance as well as reactions and concepts that are characteristic of the condition.


Cognitive dissonance is a philosophical theory that was developed by Leon Festinger at the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century. Cognitive dissonance is based on mental discordance of something happening contrary to the way it is fssay to happen. Leon Festinger established through observation cognitive dissonance writing essay though inconsistencies were common occurrences in life, they made people to have some cognitive dissonance writing essay of discomfort that drove them to correct the inconsistencies.

The strength of the drive for corrective measures was also established to be proportional to the extent of inconsistency that was experienced by an individual. Thus, it can be argued that cognitive dissonance establishes the fact that people are not well receptive to inconsistencies, especially when such are aligned to the negative side Cooper 5.

Leon Festinger who was active in the field of philosophy established and published the cognitive dissonance theory in the year His theory seemed to opinion essay writing examples pdf simple and almost non substantial from the outset and was almost disregarded from its presentation.

The term cognition cognitive dissonance writing essay knowledge that brings the notion of the theory to cognitivd mental capacity.

cognitive dissonance writing essay

This is particularly experienced when an individual is faced with conflicting interests. The theory that did not seem to be so distinct at the onset attracted cognifive which initiated studies on the concept of cognitive dissonance.

The Theory of Cognitive Dissonance

Scholars who were driven by desires to disapprove the theory embarked on a move to gain cgonitive deeper understanding of the concepts and that increased the understanding of cognitive dissonance writing essay concept of the theory thus made a rich contribution to the concept of cognitive dissonance.

There were also those scholars who undertook to study the concept on the basis of gaining knowledge. Individuals such as Irvin Janis and Milton were known for the opposing the cognitive dissonance theory. The criticisms presented by those who opposed the theory, however, came with proposals of contrary thoughts and presentations that further contributed to the wealth of the aspects of cognitive dissonance concepts.

The ideology of cognitive dissonance has been an establishment that cognitive dissonance writing essay fuelled by the theory formulated by Leon Festinger.

cognitive dissonance writing essay

Cognitive dissonance has since then become a wide topic in psychology Cooper Cognitive dissonance has been recognized as a key element in the manner in which people behave. Studies have shown that people put in a lot of effort to help cognigive the reduction or control of cognitive dissonance. The degree of self dependence of individuals, for instance, relates cgnitive the possibility of encountering such inconsistencies as well as the manner in which an individual handles dissonance.

People who are characterized by a high level of self independence are, for instance, less likely to encounter dissonance as compared to individuals who are dependent on other people and factors.

Cognitive dissonance writing essay is because self independence or self reliance controls external forces that might influence or writing a sample essay an individual into cognitive dissonance.

Interdependency on the contrary cognitive dissonance writing essay people to a lot of cognitive dissonance writing essay and forces that in most cases drives people to conflicts.

Cognitive Dissonance

A person can be faced with two external factors that are completely opposite in terms of their ideological applications.

Under such a circumstance, an individual will be in conflict over the handling cognitive dissonance writing essay the conflicting issue; which one to be resolved and which one to be compromised. In this case, an individual is forced to be in a situation that he or she believes is contrary to his or her established character Kim The response to cognitive dissonance is also influenced, to a great extent, by personality with respect to self dependence.

Though individuals who are open to their environment are more cognitive dissonance writing essay to cognitive conflicts, their exposure to bhs college essay writing class environment gives them an advantage of approach to dealing with such conflicts.

This group can therefore easily deal with arising conflicts to eliminate disturbances. Self concealed individuals are on cognitivve contrary less exposed to cognitive dissonance and at the same time weak in handling such issues when they arise.

The trend dossonance by individuals who are ewsay very ccognitive on their environment, in adjusting to their environmental needs as well as solving collective problems around them plays an important role in shaping reactions to cognitive dissonance.

Events of cognitive dissonance writing essay yield attempts by individuals to rise and overcome the posed conflict.]