Collecting techniques essay writing

Any subject.

collecting techniques essay writing

Any type of essay. Data collection is the process of gathering and measuring information on targeted variables in an established systematic fashion, which then enables one to answer relevant questions and evaluate outcomes.

Importance of examining collected data

The four possible data collection methods I have chosen for the eseay plan are observations, focus groups, surveys and interviews. Observation involves collecting techniques essay writing observing and noting behavior in the chosen social setting for your program.

Written notes of the observed behavior are often referred to as field notes.

collecting techniques essay writing

Direct observation and photography help to describe and visually depict community conditions. Observations and photographs are quick and relatively easy assessment methods that can be used to collect local data. The advantages are it is relatively easy and inexpensive, data can be collecting techniques essay writing quickly, can create community input and participation and provide descriptions and visual imagery that give meaning to quantitative data.

The disadvantages are that it can be difficult to interpret and summarize photographs and observation notes and to represent the entire community experience. Focus groups involve a series of guided discussions about specific topics with selected small groups and are a way to obtain information about the needs in your community.

What type of essay is susan griffins our secret following are steps involved in collecting techniques essay writing and implementing a series of focus groups.

The advantages are flexible, captures rich, in-depth data, immediate results, encourages and stimulates individuals to share more openly, and collecting techniques essay writing can be combined with quantitative data to provide a complete picture about an issue.

Surveys are a popular approach to collecting data and are often used in conducting community assessments. Surveys are composed of carefully crafted questions on a topic or issue.

collecting techniques essay writing

The most commonly used survey methods are mailed, hand-out Surveys, face-to-face, telephone and interview surveys.

Qualitative information is usually collected using open-ended questions while quantitative information is collected by using forced-choice or directed questions. The advantages essay writing scholarships 2019 participants control the esssy and time needed to complete the survey, more people are likely to complete the survey because they have exposure to a person explaining its purpose and importance, the staff member collecting the surveys may review for completeness, surveys can be distributed wherever there is a captive audience clinic waiting room, laundromat, health education class, high school collecting techniques essay writing, or local festival.

The disadvantages are because of the time it takes to make personal contact with the respondents and distribute the survey you have to limit it to a smaller sample size, people from your selected survey location may not be representative of your whole population.

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It takes some time to administer this type of survey and face-to-face surveys can be very expensive in terms of money and staff collecting techniques essay writing. Key informant interviews are qualitative in-depth interviews with people who know tecnhiques is going on in the community.

The purpose of toeic writing test essay topics informant collecting techniques essay writing is to collect information from a wide range of people—including community leaders, professionals, or residents—who have first-hand knowledge writihg the community. These community experts, with their particular knowledge and understanding, can provide insight on the nature of problems and give recommendations for solutions.

collecting techniques essay writing

The following are two common techniques used to conduct key informant interviews are telephone and face to face.]