Common ground essay writing

common ground essay writing

We have spent this whole quarter thinking about the intentional ways we write ourselves—through our stories, our memoirs, and our art. Now it is time to think about the unintended ways.


Your paper will be one of the debates listed below, all of which come with a pro paper and a con paper. After you have read both of these carefully, you are tasked with finding their common ground.

common ground essay writing

This can be a very challenging or even untenable task with some topics and between some extreme points of contention. Try to pinpoint the ideological disagreements and differences in common ground essay writing that make accommodation unlikely or impossible by asking yourself questions like: What are they actually debating? Where does this conflict originate? For the purposes of this paper, there is neither a right or wrong side, just groups of people debating.

That is why maintaining an objective view on the topic is going to be so important in this paper. Instead of arguing, use dominant impressions to get your point across. Because the articles provided are essay writing examples high school general and speak expansively about the debate, it will be very beneficial for you to common ground essay writing your paper in a specific example.

That is why you are responsible for finding ONE current news story about some aspect of this debate.

What you’ll learn to do: evaluate rhetorical approaches to building common ground

Although you are only discussing one story, it would be helpful to find multiple stories on the same topic from multiple journalists or newspapers. This way you will have a more expansive understanding of the news story. Select your topic from one of the three provided below. For each reading there is an article that takes essay writing lesson plan pdf positive approach to the topic and one that takes a negative.

Topics Select your topic from one of the three provided below. Celebrity Culture Social Media Zoos Junk Food For each common ground essay writing there is an article that takes a positive approach to the topic and one common ground essay writing takes a negative.

common ground essay writing

In addition, you are required to include a Works Cited page, which is not included in your final word count. It should include both of the provided articles the information is located at the bottom of the last page and articles sesay to your current news story. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading By continuing to use this website, you agree to common ground essay writing use.]