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C onfessional writing often gets a bad rap. People call it self-absorbed, solipsistic, self-indulgent.

confessional essay writing

Who wants to hear another year-old going on and on about her damage? But when I published a collection of "confessional" essays this spring, The Empathy Examsfull of personal material an abortion, heart surgery, getting punched in the face by a donfessional — I started to feel like confession could be the opposite of solipsism. My confessions elicited responses. They coaxed chorus like a brushfire. After my book came out, I found myself becoming an unwitting confessor to countless strangers: I heard from confessional essay writing woman with chronic headaches, a man struggling with the aftermath of being circumcised at 18, a woman dealing with the writing 121 essay topics of her pet chicken, a high-school senior trying to process her best friend's eating disorder, a homeless substitute teacher in Minneapolis, a neurologist trying to stay on confessional essay writing career confessional essay writing after multiple medical leaves of absence.

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I heard from doctors who'd given the book to their medical students; medical students who'd given it to their professors. I heard from confessional essay writing preacher who'd used it in his Confessional essay writing Friday sermon. I loved seeing the way my words travelled beyond the pages and became about so much more essay writing samples for wipro what I'd lived, or confessional essay writing I'd felt.

My writing was like a grown up child suddenly taking up residence in all sorts of strange places and sending back photos. There are many ways to confess and many ways confession can reach beyond itself. If the definition of solipsism is "a theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and that the self is the only existent thing", then little pushes back against solipsism more forcefully than confession gone public.

confessional essay writing

This kind of confession inevitably creates confessional essay writing. I've felt this as a reader as well, encountering confessional narratives whose revelations felt more like forking paths than private cloisters: Eula Biss's Notes from No Man's Land shares private confessional essay writing of bodily experience — collisions, exhaustion, sensory wonder — in a way that feels deeply committed to exploring what it means to be part of a collective public body, fraught with issues what type of essay is the plot against people race confessional essay writing class and guilt; and Rebecca Solnit 's The Faraway Nearby places a deeply personal narrative — reckoning with her mother's dementia, with the longer arc of their tumultuous relationship — inside a broader constellation of stories, Inuit myths, scientific inquiries, tales of heroes, and monsters and ice.

When I read each of these deeply personal books, I didn't feel as if it was the product of a confessional essay writing that didn't know anything beyond itself — I felt as if it was the product of a self that somehow, miraculously, knew me as well, or at least knew about things that included me.

confessional essay writing

I first read Lucy Grealy 's Autobiography of a Face — a memoir about her childhood illness and subsequent disfigurement — when I was recovering from major jaw surgery, and I felt the urge confessional essay writing shout "Amen!]