Counselling essay writing

Counseling generally refers to the provision of assistance or guidance that eventually helps solve personal, social or mental problems.

Theory of Counseling

A professional individual normally administers it. It normally takes a number of forms including individual counseling, group counseling, and couples counseling.

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Those partners who generally want to counselling essay writing their intimate relationship normally use couple counseling, on the other hand.

Counseling may be beneficial in a number of ways. It can make one have a better understanding of things that help in getting new skills to manage themselves better.

counselling essay writing

Through the help of counselling essay writing counselor, individual can respond to problems in different perspective. There are important aspects of counseling that make its usage effective. One of these aspects is confidentiality; his means counse,ling a counselor is by ethics required to treat counselling essay writing the information that a client shares as confidential material Skinner, Another important aspect is the counseling process; this depends on the individual counselor and client and the urgency of the issue in question.

However, the general process to be followed include: collecting of background information, identifying key issues, case development, setting goals for therapy, implementation of intervention and evaluation.

Rosch Mindfulness

Theories of counseling vary and mostly depend on the views of different writers. The ones reviewed include client centered, holistic health, learned optimism, cognitive behavioral, solution focused and existential.

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In client centered counseling, the client is motivated to discover things and develop as counselling essay writing result of the guidance and climate that the counselor provides. In this type of counseling, the common features include active listening, acceptance, truthfulness and empathy.


Holistic health, on the other hand, stresses the importance of physical well being, emotional, social, vocational and spiritual needs. If these are ignored then an individuals writung easily succumb to stress, which can affect their well-being. There is a type of counseling practice that allows for interaction between counselling essay writing client and the counselor.

counselling essay writing

This method allows them to discuss the success that occurred in the past and those occurring in the present. This form of counseling is referred to ciunselling learned optimism counseling. This counselling essay writing allows them to address the problems that should be anticipated in the present and the future.

It involves having a positive mind and normally directs individual on focusing counselling essay writing things can turn out to be.]