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It is early in the morning when I rise. The light of day has yet to grace this side of the earth with its presence.

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No longer do I need my alarm; my very instinct, something deep within, tells me when it is time to awake. Gathering my surfboard, a swimsuit, and other necessary equipment, I step outside and pause at the bottom of the creative writing essay for.

creative writing essay for

Listening intently, I realize that the shouts from the amusement parks have not started, and the noise of civilization has fr to arrive. Everything is virtually silent creative writing essay for the waves crashing in a location just beyond my view and the summer writing conclusion essay examples trying to collect their food for the day. I smile and begin to walk.

creative writing essay for

This boardwalk defines my past, each individual board somehow tells a part of my life story. As I make my way up the steps and onto the worn, splintering boards, I look down both lengths.

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The numerous stores that line the expanse are closed. Their lights, once welcoming and bright are off, as if they need a rest themselves.

creative writing essay for

As I make my way across and finally off of the wooded walkway, the undeniable and easily recognized smell of the beach, a combination of salt and seaweed, overwhelms me. I pass through college essay writing serice dunes, covered with ocean grass and the most beautifully natural sight greets me. If any word could possibly be fitting enough to describe the sight before my very eyes, tranquil creative writing essay for be the word.

creative writing essay for

It might even be something beyond that, to some it could even be considered spiritual. It is a beauty recognized or at least writimg by the common person, but only truly appreciated by those like me.]